Monday, January 09, 2006

Land Of The Ten Million Dead Girls

Indianwriting and Within/Without have both written about the Mystery of the Ten Million Deaths.

Also, an article by Dilip D'Souza on Rediff about this very subject. And if you like your data fresh from the tap, there's always the Census Commissioner's site (with a hilarious tagline, a la Tata Steel: We also count people in India)

I don't want to moralize here. Moralizing is boring. (Moralizing also poses a terribly awkward question. If aborting a female foetus is wrong, why is abortion itself right? I know the logical answer, I can't find the correct emotional answer here.)

All humans have perfectly valid explanation for their actions. Regardless of our backgrounds we all rationalize, both our smallest and our most important decisions (you can tell I watched Woody Allen's "Crimes & Misdemeanors" last night.) I am sure these parents who aborted the female foetuses have a good reason for their action. I do not understand the reason at all, but I just hope this ghastly reason disappears quickly.

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Intern said...

well, I am not going to touch the topic of status of women in India ...

But "Crime n Misdemeanors" is an excellent movie... and I would recommend u Woody Allen's "Match Point" .... see the connection...