Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Phibetacuppa? A Tulloney?


Meaning: A super stimulant for the mind.
Usage: Everytime I listen to a Feynman lecture, I feel as if I have sipped the phibetacuppa.
Pronunciation: Fy-bee-ta-cup-pa


Meaning: All the rubbish that is spouted under the influence of alcohol.
Usage: Don't read too much into his rants. It's pure tulloney.
Pronunciation: Tull-low-nee.
Root: Tully (means drunk in hindi slang) + Baloney.

For more such hilarious neologisms, give 'em a spin. (via Cre8ive Ignition.)

Someone on the Word Mint team has a serious penchant (a bunchant?) for coining words related to the posterior. Funny, funny stuff.

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