Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The New Greeting Card Tradition

I cut open the thick, white envelope with my cold fingers. It's a greeting card. But wait a second! The card looks familiar. Didn't I send a similar card to someone recently?

I pull out the card. Huh? The handwriting in the card looks familiar. Even the words are familiar.

Put Mr. Sherlock Holmes on Line 1 and cue in the Twilight Zone music.

What on earth is going on here?

It IS my card and my handwriting. It is MY card sent back to me. I look at the envelope for the "return to sender" stamp. No, it's not there. It is my address on the envelope.

I have no idea why it was sent back to me. Maybe it's a new business etiquette, who knows? If it's a new recycling fad, I am all for it. If it was meant in seriousness, I am still all for it.

After all, I chose the card in the first place because I liked its design. I also wrote the message myself, so it must mean something to me. Nothing wrong in receiving one's own card, is there?