Friday, January 13, 2006

Here's A Great Idea

If, like me, you've been a part of a technology startup, you will recognize the lure of the Great Idea. It's that one blazingly brilliant concept that will immediately separate you from the other startups in the universe. It's the idea that will make your customers beg for your products and services. If ideas were symphonies, this Great Idea is the Ninth. Ode to Joy, baby.

But you also know that somehow, the Great Idea never seems to materialize. Till it does, and makes gazillionaires out of some other entrepreneur and elicits a "oh, i thought of this in 1986!" reaction from everyone on the team!

Been there, done that.

Which is why I thought this post by blogger-entrepreneur Ramit Sethi deserves to be read by everyone who's plotting to spring another technological marvel on the world.

I especially liked Ramit's closing words: "trying, not waiting" and "experimenting, not thinking about it". (Arun Verma makes a good case for doing in this post on Cre8ive Ignition.)

(via del.i.cious)


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