Saturday, December 31, 2005

What's In That Juice Again?

This morning, while walking through the dairy/juice section of the supermarket, I noticed the label on a bottle of Tropicana's Sweet Grapefruit juice. It read: "made with not from concentrate juice".

Read that again.

Mr. Orwell, your neighbors are complaining about your spinning motion.


English August said...

"India's really progressing...nowadays, you can even get Heads 'N Shoulders shampoo in stores" - Words often overheard in Indian parties across the USA these days.”

Hmmmm…not sure Krishna what sort of parties you go to, or the company that you might keep. Or maybe you simply made it up but then its like flogging a gujju NRI stereotype to death – neither funny nor original.

For a New York Times article, the writing is conspicuously shallow. Yes material things matter, and matter a lot – but a much bigger shock at least for people like me would not be bumper to bumper traffic or potholes. It would be in other more subtle things that still have more intense consequences than merely the ability to get the latest cars or freshly squeezed orange juice – like water dripping over your head, one drop at a time, incessantly.

It would be in missing a radio and television station like the National Public Radio and PBS where you can hear people talking in complete sentences and making sense about things that you care about, like politicians and businessmen actually being tried and hauled to jail for crimes that they have committed, like not having to encounter a stupid babu for anything and everything that you want to do, like not having to encounter questions in trains and planes about what caste you belong to, like working hard and not to worry about being ignored for promotion if you don’t have the right connections or the right last name, like having to endure the frustration of someone like Narayan Murthy getting sneered and jeered at by politicians like Deve Gowda. Now that’s the “transition anxiety” I am worried about.

Could you pass the freshly squeezed and not from concentrate orange juice please?

km said...


Uh-huh....hear ya...

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