Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dear Mr Prime Minister...

Neha's post on e-Governance (are we still allowed to prefix words with "e"?) has got me thinking. Chin-scratching, pen-chewing, horizon-staring kind of thinking.

Now, local government officials that deal with practical, real-life issues (as in: highways are jammed, water tastes funny, post office must be kept open past midnight etc etc) are obviously good candidates for blogging. They deal with very tangible problems. But what about central or federal government officials, who deal with larger issues? Should they be encouraged to blog as well?

Consider a sample blog entry from a Finance Minister's blog:

June 18, 2005: The Prime Minister wants us to seriously consider joining the WTO. My head hurts from having to educate him about the pitfalls. Also, my kitten keeps clawing my assistant's legs.

One can imagine the comments on such a blog:

June 19: "Anonymous" says: Dude, wtf is wto?
June 19: "MeanMrMustard" says: heh heh, your pussy got claws?

Or take this entry from a Defense Minister's blog ("Boys With Toys")

August 6:

Current Mood: Aggressive
Listening to: Napalm Death

I don't know what to dooooo :( He says launch the attack from the west. His under-secretary also says west. I keep telling them (and I can't reveal names here, LOLZZZ!!) west is not the best. South-east is better. I hate when he acts all bossy. I mean, who does he think he is? Wait, he's the PM!! :)) Wish I could drink my gin and tonic and chill...just like we did in college!!!! Now where's the nuke-launch button I ordered last week from Amazon?


August 6: HwyToHell Says: Recently came across your blog! Loved it. Do visit our accupressure site and tell us what you think!

August 6: GanguliHaiHai Says: When did India last win a match in the south-east?

See what I mean?

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