Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well We All Shine On

The above picture (circa 1968, White Album) was practically etched into the first wallet I ever owned and stayed there through 4 years of electrical engineering lectures, numerous films, concerts, drinking sessions and trips. It even kept me company a couple of years after college. I found it in an old issue of SPAN magazine. (Remember Span?) The picture was my good-luck charm. Considering that I survived those teenage years and college, I think it worked very well ;)

Wish I could be at Strawberry Fields tomorrow for the 25th anniversary of his death. There's something very cool about that place. I once saw a father reprimand his kids because they were not showing "proper" respect to the famous mosaic on the ground! How many places in America do you see such reverence?

What I also love about the place is how connected I feel to everyone who stops there to remember the man. There are tourists from all over the world (and - ahem - New Jersey) and we all know how deeply the other person feels about John Lennon. I am not the first person to say this, but Strawberry Fields does resemble the Brotherhood of Man.

Thanks once again for the music and for showing us the possibilities, John.


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