Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Goal Is To Avoid Saying "Zeitgeist"

Everyone's heard about 43 Things. They have their yearly Top 100 goals' list (which, thanks to Google, is no longer a list, but a Zeitgeist. Ugh.)

The Top 10 on the list are: Procrastination, weight loss, write a book, fall in love (it's a goal now?), be happy, drink more water (wow, yeah, like, I know...this is America, after all), take more pictures, get married, get a tattoo and finally, read more books.

Yeah, we get the idea. Who doesn't want to be thinner, richer, happier, well-hydrated and covered in ink?

But check out Goal #87.

772 people want to fulfill #87. These 772 people - they don't care if they are overweight, single, lonely, illiterate, unpublished, unhappy or if their digital cameras lie unused between New Year's Eve and July 4th. All they want is Goal #87.

Now that's zeitgeist. Oops.

P.S.: And #17 is a classic :)