Monday, December 19, 2005

Is That A Standard?

A "jazz standard" is a composition that is held in continuing esteem and is commonly used as the basis of jazz arrangements and improvisations.
A simple, succinct and satisfying defintion, I'd say. Here's a terrific exploration of the rich and delightful world of Jazz Standards. I discovered this wonderful site via this page.

(And for the Lazy Jazz Geek in you, this is the list of the Standards.)

P.S.: Any other music geeks miss the good old All Music Guide?


wildflower seed said...

Which AMG are you referring to? The site maintained by the folks who also do the All Movie Guide? If so, its still very much alive.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

You probably know about this, but ...
Check out, I just donwloaded a slew of Billie Holiday classics.


km said...

VB, not sure if you used AMG about 4-5 years had a much easier, faster interface and layout. That new design is a crime against humanity.

JAPda, Billie is THE ONE! Maybe we should figure out a way to *share* some stuff via gmail, eh? :)


wildflower seed said...

Ok, I have been using AMG for several years now, and have negotiated the changeover peacefully :)

As for standards, I love all the old swing-era music. Thats how I got started on jazz. Have you heard the Cole Porter and George Gershwin songbooks? For a slightly different flavor, check out Keith Jarrett's "Standards, Vols 1 and 2" and "Melody In The Night With You".

km said...

vb, what do they say about old dogs and new tricks...:)

I consider listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing the Cole Porter songbook as one of my life's great experiences. And I must check out those KJ albums.... that will be fine Xmas music.


Anonymous said...

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