Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The 10 Most Dangerous Guitars In The World

Take a look at these 10 beauties (link goes to a Fender UK site) and tell me you wouldn't stab yourself with a plectrum or strangle yourself with a Phosphor-bronze E string for a chance to hold them in your arms.

For those click-challenged among us, the Top 10 are: Clapton's Brownie and Blackie, Jimi's Woodstock Strat, Dave Gilmour's 001 Strat, Buddy Holly's (last) Strat, George's Rocky, SRV's Number One, Rory Gallagher's Strat, Hank Marvin's Flamingo Pink Strat and finally, a Strat owned by Jimi and Zappa (holy moly, some pedigree!)

(via ChickenMcNugget.com)