Thursday, September 22, 2005

Scorsese on Dylan

Martin Scorsese's film on Dylan plays on PBS on September 26/27. I am excited not because it is a docu on Dylan, but because it is a feature-length docu by Scorsese. This man helped define rock film-making not once, but twice.

Biographies on Dylan don't interest me. There is nothing I want to know about the man that I have not already heard on the albums. Things that I do want to learn about are the years '66 to '74 (which are *not* covered in the film) and his musical partnership with The Band.

Roger Ebert may find "Don't Look Back" less than flattering, but to me, that film is still the real deal. Dylan's arrogance and aloofness captured in that film still makes me uncomfortable, but somehow, it also makes him "more real".