Wednesday, September 21, 2005

No Respect for the Bachelor Boy

This man was once a big deal in Britain and used to be practically worshipped in India. You could not pick up the guitar without being asked "play Bachelor Boy, men". I hated it. That waltzy rhythm drove me nuts, not to mention the happy, shiny, cheery sing-alongs the chorus would prompt. So I would refuse to play "Bachelor Boy". And how could we sing "Lucky Lips" when we all knew what Candy was doing in the back-room?)

Have I proven my street-cred? Well, I would be lying. Sir Cliff's music - that song in particular- was a chick magnet. It's a loathesome song but it is a chick magnet. And it seems some Brit radio stations are hell-bent on depriving nerdy kids of their chick-magnet songs. Thankfully, Sir Cliff is made of stronger stuff and he has announced his intentions to go on performing and recording.

I don't know ANYONE who has heard new Cliff Richard music since 1843 (the joke's on me too, I know), so I don't blame the radio stations. But the man has spent nearly TWO THOUSAND weeks on the singles charts. He's made a ton of money for everyone, including EMI, the radio stations and the DJs. Just play the goddamn songs and let the girls join in for the chorus and make them nerds feel all right for 2 minutes.


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