Friday, September 02, 2005

Finally, Eric Clapton Notices Me

Says the Man Formerly Known as God: "My audience had been predominantly lonely air-guitar-playing blues guys in their bedrooms."

Thank you, Mr. Clapton, sir. Thank you for noticing.

To be fair to all my lonely, air-guitar-playing blues brothers, some of us did have real guitars in our bedrooms, but hey, if EC is modest enough to call himself an "apprentice right up to my 50s", then I suppose our real guitars are as light and pointless as air-guitars (just kidding, air-guitars are AWESOME and HEAVY and LOUD.)

Since his days in John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Clapton has always underplayed his voice, his lyrics and his abilities as a writer. Sayeth he:

"The difficulty is figuring out how to write allegorically. Great writers create a fictitious framework to describe their own situation. That's fine art. I can't get there."

This is the man who wrote "Layla" and "Can't Find My Way Home", two of the most personal, touching songs in the rock canon. Sir, (and I know Clapton's reading this) you created fine art 30 years ago, so please rest assured that you can write all that allegorical stuff and create fine art.

Well, guess who's producing his next album? They call him the breeze.

Let's see now, Cale stole the intro riff from "Sunshine of your Love" for Cocaine, Clapton stole "Cocaine" and made it his biggest hit and now JJ produces Clapton's album. This is what they call the circle of Life.

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