Friday, September 02, 2005

Phrase of The Day: "Toilet-Like"

Here's one way to ruin this stunningly beautiful structure: Erect an UGLY toilet-like concrete structure inside the palace fort.

Just who has been given this historic architectural project of national importance? Why, the one organization that everyone instantly associates with such projects - The Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam. Check that website out for some eye-stabbing beauty.

Can anyone tell me Why they would want to put up a permanent structure inside the palace walls? Did some brain-hungry zombies descend upon Mysore?

And I challenge you to find me a more tear-gland busting comment than this - "J.V. Gayatri, Deputy Director of Heritage, said that the Palace is not a heritage monument as it is not more than a hundred years old. It was built in 1912".

I have nothing against ugly toilet-like structures. God knows they are critical during times of digestive disasters of Level 2 and above. But I have everything against an ugly toilet-like structure being put up inside the exquisite Mysore Palace.

Hey, Tourism Board people, that's our palace too. The King may have built it, but it is *our* heritage.

Read what architect Gautam Bhatia has to say about this "uglification" of India.


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