Tuesday, September 06, 2005

BoingBoing's Ill-Timed Sarcasm?

BoingBoing posts a snide headline about India's $5 million aid for Katrina relief and this makes some bloggers unhappy and understandably so.

Club810 smells the "R" word, though he is not sure. And isn't that the worst kind of a racist dig at someone? But do BoingBoing's headline and Bruce Sterling's post smack of "elitist snobbery"? And is this "a subtle dig at the Indian people"?

Another blog titled "Random Signs of Intelligence" has similar thoughts. He urges Xeni of BoingBoing to "knock off the smart-ass remarks".

Just in case you didn't notice, BoingBoing's post is based on a post in Bruce Sterling's blog which refers to a report in - guess what - TIMES OF INDIA, thereby making this whole business far less important than getting that $5 million to the hurricane victims.

Personally, I do not think BoingBoing would stoop to such depths.


uma said...

Krishna, I've posted about it and someone pointed me to this.

km said...

Thanks, U.

James Governor said...

hey its just because they are so fucked up about the US government response. so they attack someone else. well done india for making a contribution.

$5m would build a lot of homes... maybe n ot for trent lott, but for most folks

km said...

James, good point..and I agree, $5mil will feed and protect many unfortunate families.

Maitri said...

It seems that a couple of our friends at BoingBoing have let this thing go to their heads. I sent one of them a few get-the-word-out Katrina links the other day and all I got in return read like a freaking form letter: "You should send this to our Suggest A Link site or send it to archive.org"

Well, really, asshole, I work for Project Gutenberg and am already on archive.org like white on rice. I was just wondering if you could post a few helpful links for New Orleanians in exile what with your readership and all. The terse response, with not a hint of empathy or commisseration, irked me, too.

BoingBoing should watch out before they turn into that which they mock - an out-of-touch political administration.

neha vish said...

I ended up posting abt the same thing. :) Was pissed ... mostly because it is such an un-gentle reminder of the worlds we come from. That beyond all the rubbish talk of seamless borders, the world is bumpy, and at contradiction all the time..

And Maitri makes so much sense. Forgive them Blah.. for they know not what they are becoming?

km said...

I was wondering if the Sepia mutineers would tear them a new one, but it looks like they let it pass.

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