Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally, A Real Reason To Say "You Go, Girl"

"I did not have a pen or a note book, so I stole Rs 5 from my home and bought a pen for Rs 2 and copy for Rs 2."
Check out this slideshow on Rediff and if you have the time, please read each girl's story.

There's something so very rock 'n roll about these kids. Like the little girl who stole money to buy a pen. A PEN! What about the girl who learned to swim in the village pond, didn't give a fuck what the villagers thought of her swimsuit and now wins medals in swim meets?


(Thanks, Uma, for blogging this.)


Anonymous said...


speaking on girls - 6 yr old iraqi girl with a camera.,,2057389,00.html

Brown Magic

bharath said...

very remarkable story. glad to see it posted here.

km said...

Bharath: thank you for stopping by to read it. So how's the spring in Minnesota?