Monday, May 05, 2008

Real Engineers Don't Wear Suits, That's All

Go see "Iron Man" with your 10 year-old. He or she will leave the theater begging to be enrolled into an engineering/robotics program.

The engineering workstation sequences (in which Tony Stark develops the suit) were just jaw-droppingly cool.

Disappointment of the evening: Black Sabbath's song doesn't appear till the closing credits. Bah. I had always imagined an Act II montage showing Tony Stark prototyping and testing the suit, with this song blasting in the background.


Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

the aliens have landed and they are crying GOD!!

Space Bar said...

oh good! i've been chewing my nails for the last two days wondering if i should take my son along.

km said...

space bar: what? you had doubts about taking your son to a superhero movie? Or is he already being raised on a diet of Tarkovsky and Bresson?

Mazel Tov, Rabbi Lars.

One Trick Pony said...

did the people in your theater maro seetis? because they did here. Lots of seetis.

nothing like the reception the dark knight trailer got, but still.

km said...

Lots of "taaliyans". I think the sequel will have more true seeti moments.

//Dark Knight looks *awesome*. But I am very cautiously optimistic.

///Crystal Skull? WOO Fricking HOO.

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear KM,

Was it the original Black Sabbath song or some NuMetal version with 8 string guitars dropped to C?


Puppy Manohar.

PS: I really have to go watch this movie now.

km said...

Puppy: Please don't say "NuMetal". It's a terrible word :)

No, the film has the original track, of course. In all its Tony Iommi glory.

Szerelem said...

I really need to watch this movie. Also dark knight!!! SO excited about that. The new trailer kicks ass and their entire promotion strategy is awesomely cool.

Deaths Head Roy said...

Cool, will watch this movie now for the Black Sabbath song!!