Thursday, May 22, 2008

61's My New Drug

The Sixty-One. Lots of good new music. The "Best" page is the place to start.

The Flight of the Concords song will induce cerebral LoLsy.


Space Bar said...

cerebral lolsy sounds like an ailment i'd like to have.

km said...

Well, then, you should try and get DVDs of that show (Flight of the Concords) - one of the funniest shows around.

//And then you can go around singing "I am the LOLrus"

scout said...

I LOVE Flight of the Concords. It is the funniest show since the UK Office.

PS: It's business... it's business time has quite possibly been the worst song used to set the mood - jewtiya loves them.

scout said...

AND I see We are scientists on the "best" page. Kya kaha tha maine? Sahi band hai. mera fevrett.