Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And You're A Rocket Queen, Oh Yeah!

Just don't call Tessy Thomas an Agni Aunt.

Of course, this profile has to talk about how she "does the tightrope walk between home and career". Why can't she be admired simply for her professional achievement?


lekhni said...

Where is the human interest in just focusing on professional achievements? Plus, it does show the guilt a working woman feels about not being there to take care of an unwell son.

When S. Chandrasekhar won the Nobel prize, I remember reading an article that talked about how he made "perfectly round dosas"...I liked that article. To my young mind, it helped to de-glamorize Nobel laureates and put them in an everyday context..

km said...

Yeah, of course. Because there's not enough human-interest angle in the "woman rises in a male-dominated tech organization" story.

//Chandrasekhar making perfectly round dosas glamorizes him even more, I think :)

lekhni said...

You are right. It makes him look glamorous in a human way, and less of a demigod..

You see, I imagine him standing over the dosa tava reading Astrophysics journals :)