Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Umm..I Never Finished "Ulysses" Either But Told Everyone I Loved It

"Maxim magazine has apologized for publishing a negative review of the Black Crowes' new album by a writer who hadn't listened to the whole CD."
Hey now.

Though I think this statement on the band's website is more interesting than the incident or the review itself:
...“Maxim's actions seem to completely lack journalistic integrity and intentionally mislead their readership.
Oh how could a magazine filled with air-brushed pictures of women in underwear mislead its readership? How? How?

(I wish the Black Crowes had asked Steely Dan for some help in diffusing this situation. Remember when they wrote that letter to actor Luke Wilson?)


One Trick Pony said...

CNN on the matter.


km said...

OTP: Yeah, Nirvana, Grunge, Black Crowes, what's the difference?

Death to CNN.