Friday, February 01, 2008

NASA Beams A Song; Aliens Complain: " We Already Had This One Downloaded From Napster Back in 1999!"

"The song, written by McCartney and John Lennon, may have a ticket to ride and will be flying at the speed of light. But it will take 431 years along a long and winding road to reach its final destination. That's because Polaris is 2.5 quadrillion miles away."
Very cool. (But could that press release throw in a any more references to Beatles' song titles?)

And WTF? "The song, written by McCartney and..."?


Anonymous said...

I can never understand NASA. Do they really want Polarisians to descend on us, clamoring for more? Send them Bappi Lahiri, I say. Or Himesh bhai. That will keep them away.

Anonymous said...

ooh the boys, they had everything, even the loveliest hair... (looking at the pic from the article...sigh..


km said...

blackmamba: speaking of "loveliest hair", during an early interview, someone asked John if they wore wigs. His response was "if we do, then it's the first wig I've seen with real dandruff" :D Did you catch the restored version of "Help!" on PBS?

lekhni: why take that chance? Why not send them something really atrocious? Like Nadeem-Shravan, maybe?

blackmamba said...

Nice. Though Lennon is not the one with the best hair...just saying.

Don't watch any TV, so nope. :(

But did listen to the Astrid Kirchherr interview about how she decided to give them all a makeover and this haircut.