Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Turkish Newspaper Solves The Mystery Of The Fat Epidemic

Why are Turks growing fat?

From the article:

-Delicious Turkish cuisine
-Favorite three: Slippers, pajamas and TV
-Eating too much homemade dessert
-Honey, grape molasses, bee milk
-Eating walnuts and hazelnuts early in the morning
-Eating pasta just before going to bed
-Consuming pastry in excess
-Consuming dry fruit in the evening


Szerelem said...

And why in the world are your reading the TDN?

Falstaff said...

And here I was thinking it was all for Thanksgiving.

??! said...

Thank you for the tips. I'll let you know if they work.

km said...

szerelem: it's fun to read other countries' newspapers. God knows I don't get my daily fix from the NYT and WaPo.

??!: bated breath.

Falstaff: LOL. Though Bees' milk is hardly traditional.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought they only looked fat in their thick Turkish robes ;)