Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lion Hugs Woman

If there is only one nauseatingly cute, sickeningly anthropomorphic video you can watch today, make it this one. (via Reddit)

Note to OTP: Get a lion instead. Bigger pet food bills sure, but just think of the hugs every morning!


Anonymous said...

Ever read Born Free? (Or the two sequels?) I've always wanted to go to Serengeti :(

Anonymous said...

Sardar tells the Tamilian "Mein sher ka baccha hoon!"
Tamilian replies "Ayyo saar, did the lion visit your house or did your mother go into the jungle?"

Space Bar said...

OT, but htought you'd enjoy this, you and TR.

km said...

lekhni: Serengeti, yes. Odds of meeting another Elsa? Very remote.

anonymous: ROFL (or should I say, ROAR!)

sb: wow. That map is brilliant. Thanks!

Tabula Rasa said...

interesting - both map and lion.