Friday, June 01, 2007

Drummer Slams Band

Someone I know recently attended the very first Police reunion gig. (It was more of a dress rehearsal.) He didn't think very highly of it. Apparently, the sound was too mellow (too much tantric sex, perhaps?) and Andy was having "technical difficulties".

Now, band performances are known to improve as the tour progresses and good musicians are always self-critical, but what to make of this?

(Via Drudge)


MockTurtle said...

Not the first time you've mentioned Sting's tantric inclinations. Methinks thou doth complain too much.

km said...

MT: You are actually speaking out in favor of STING?

Dude, don't you have a web-comic to update or something? :))

MockTurtle said...

Not his music, just his hobbies.
Yes, yes, update coming up - eventually.

km said...

ROFL@ the hobbies :D

Anonymous said...