Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Can I Meet The Edge Instead?"

Thank god for politicians like Canada's PM, Stephen Harper. He refused to meet Bono. And this is not the first time he's snubbed a rock star.
“I’m a big U2 fan,” Harper said. “Paul McCartney tried to call me once. Some of you may know I’m an even bigger Beatles fan.”

Harper was referring to McCartney’s futile attempt to discuss the Atlantic seal hunt with him last year.
Maybe world leaders should drop in at U2's recording sessions and start offering creative suggestions.

That might actually make me care for the next U2 album.


Anonymous said...

word man! their pop style music is as much like spears in a rock band...well, not as much but close...

km said...

Spears in a rock band? As opposed to guitars and drums, you mean?


Tabula Rasa said...

i think if you have spears in your band you'll get points to go along with the edge.

Anonymous said...

but although spears deserves the lampooning, i do like one song of her - toxic. it has a cool guitar riff in there.