Monday, June 04, 2007

All Clear, Suddenly

Some people blog because they *must* express their views and opinions. I've rarely felt that compulsion. Some blog because it's "cool". Not my thing either. I came to it rather late. More than a few blog under the illusion that blogging is "writing practice". A hundred-word post a day will make them a proficient writer someday. Like running three feet a day will make me a champion marathon runner.

Then there are bloggers who like to share. Pictures from travel, cartoons (Mock Turtle: UPDATE WANTED!!!), fiction, technical expertise. I got nothing there either. I am neither a teenager nor am I lovesick, so no angst, no "I hate this world" and no sad poetry to move you. I am not raising money for plastic surgery ("help me with my growth - help me get an enhancement") and I don't always feel the need to talk about "causes".

And yet, I've had this space up for nearly 2 years. Why?

The answer came to me this weekend when I finally got to meet Tabula Rasa and the former blogger formerly known as Cosmic Elevator later known as Wildflower Seed now just known as WFS or as the Anonymous Commenter who knows everything there is to know about Grateful Dead. Anyone who has visited their blogs knows the two of them are funny, witty and super-smart - PhD's and what not. They also love music. One of them was visibly excited at picking up a jazz CD and said to the other "man, check out this lineup!". Only music geeks talk like that. (Of course, this same music geek also ordered a piece of bread as a side order with his sandwich, so you do the 'rithmetic.)

So the three of us walked around this big used-music store, browsed through all categories from instrumental jazz (Tony Williams) to electronica (Nitin Sawhney) - and I do mean *every* category. The music geek with the apparent bread fetish even picked up an Ali G DVD. Respek!

Anyway, the point in telling you all this is not to provide you with a field report of the meet-up, but to share my epiphany. Why do I blog, you will remember me asking and then saying this meet-up provided me with the answer.

It's about the conversations. I'm blogging for the conversations.

OK, I'm mostly blogging to kill time, but I am *really* blogging for the conversations. It's about ideas that are exchanged and communicated - not just in the post, but even in the commentspace. (I know, "ideas" sounds very sombre but it's not like that at all. My posts hardly generate or even require sombre discussions.) It's the pleasure of conversing with people who share your interests and passions and even buy you coffee.

I can think of no better excuse than that to blog.


Space Bar said...

conversations, coffee, music cred, comics. hmm. do check out

of course, you might want to start from the beginning and go on until you reach the present, but whatever.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Entirely agree, KM-rade. I tried to fool myself that it was writing practice, but now I admit that I put it out there for the conversations.

Being semi-literate, the most appropriate number I can think of for the Princeton meet-up is 'Wish you were here'.

Oh wait - there wasn't even any weed, the way I heard it. Drat.


MockTurtle said...

Spot on.. and I realized that I prefer conversations that other people initiate.
I feel like such a procrastinator with my cartoons. I had a bunch of stuff going on, so I got sidetracked and now I have to get back in the mood to restart. Will do so shortly.
As for your bloggers meet; the next time you 3 get together without me, I hope you all choke on your extra slices of bread.

km said...

spacebar: see, now I have a difficult time figuring out if you are being sarcastic or not :))

JAP: Weed? Not even beer. That's how dull and empty our lives are.

MT: Now, now, no need to put a hex on us. The situation shall be rectified. Another meet-up will be initiated. Soon as TR knows which continent he is on for lunch.

Tabula Rasa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tabula Rasa said...

aye aye, sir!

great post, i was thinking, till i realised i was in it and - so soon after rcw - got all tongue-tied. yes, it was great to meet up after *so many* near misses.

but i *would* like to point out that (a) that's an unfair dig about lunch (it's past midnight where i am and i'm jet-lagged), and (b) the way you have phrased the last sentence and a half it seems as if the coffee was your excuse to blog.


gg said...

QC (posted by Space Bar) is actually a fun comic.

km said...

TR: It starts with free coffee. Next thing you know, I'm making you pay my mortgage.

gg: QC is a funny comic!

wildflower seed said...

:) Must. Do. Again.

Ph said...

No shame you people have meeting up without checking with others. And then flaunting it too. And no, it doesn't count that you asked if Philly was a good place. Just for that, I won't show you all what I am writing. And I am writing LOTS. Hmph.

Ph said...

Oh wait its not about the writing. Gah.

km said...

ph: We're not talking. And you know why :)

Ph said...

Good! I'm not talking to you either. Or to TR. Or to MT. So there! *big, fat sulk*

km said...

@PH: Spoken just like a girl :)

You could be spending all this time blogging, you know? (And gosh darn it, I was watching an Albert Brooks movie just last night and then your quote...)

Well, you better not pull that plug.

Space Bar said...

KM: no, no, no! I wasn't being sarcastic at all...I love QC. (Now why does that sound sarcastic again? I must have Faye blood in me. See? I'm not being snarky).

GG: Funny, comic, I agree. :D

km said...

space bar: maybe because some characters in QC remind me :D

Tabula Rasa said...

now *that's* a creepy incrementalist.

Anonymous said...

aint cool to downcast others for their intentions to blog, dude. but good to know that you found yours.

km said...

@anonymous: Good point. But I am not "downcasting" at all. (Though I know my post sounds like I am doing that.) Everyone does things for a different reason and that is cool.