Sunday, May 06, 2007

Upgrade Or Die

Nice work, Intuit, killing Quicken 2004 with just a "as you have been notified...".

I now have piles of bills sitting on my desk and, for the first time in nearly 142 years, I have to write checks and lick those stamps.

On the off-chance that your Sunday afternoon does not involve writing checks and licking stamps, you should be watching Ahmet Ertegun's bio on PBS. This great man (who gave the world Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Cream and Aretha Franklin) was the one who suggested Phil Collins add "more drums" to "In the air tonight".

Come on, he gave us Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Cream and Aretha Franklin! That's not good enough for you?


z said...

yup, bended knees. He was a top notch A&R in the industry. Minor correction: Aretha Franklin was "discovered" by John Hammond, another phenomenal A&R.

Tabula Rasa said...

damn, ahmet ertegun's bio on pbs? how was it?

km said...

TR: it was just terrific. I mean, a Turkish guy changing the face of blues, jazz and rock is *some* story.

Z: Hammond - now that's another name that deserves a PBS Special.