Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Free Music Thursday

You're going to love this: some terrific African music on this blog. (link to "Awesome Tapes From Africa", via Metafilter)

There's funky guitar rock in there (African guitar rock sounds SO much fresher than anything happening in the West at the moment) as well as hip-hop, so that should make everyone happy.

There really is just too much 'pod goodness on that blog, so if you guys dig up something really cool, share it with everyone in the commentspace. (And if you can afford to buy any of these albums or MP3s, please do.)

I just recently noticed the new Free Napster - no registration and no sign-ins! Simply search for a band or a song and press play. (Looks like they have even eliminated the commercials?!)

As a demo, how about this weepie? Those of you without a girlfriend (or a boyfriend - or both?) are allowed to cry into your pillow.


Revealed said...

Leo Sayer, no less. Have a heart!

Brown Magic said...

really, dude? that song? you made me click on that?

this is why single people hate married people.

km said...

revealed: say what? :)

BM: married people *don't* listen to Leo Sayer. Single people do. Married people listen to Wilco's new album.

Brown Magic said...

:) was listening to Forget the flowers when i read this. thoughts on sky blue - aye or nay?
back to listening to leo and
weeping into my pillow, bemoaning my spinsterhood.

Tabula Rasa said...

super link! thanks!

Ph said...

The variation for the married people is, when I need you, just put the trash out and keep the dinner in.

km said...

PH: hush now! you don't want to give away all secrets at once.

BM: Aye. So far, a big aye. But like with most Wilco albums, I will *really* know my own opinion after 3 months. Or even 3 years. What didja think?