Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Careful With That Wax, Jackie

I see that I have a "missed call" on my cellphone and I don't recognize the number. There's a voice-mail too.

The voice - part-Valley Girl, part-Garden State, all delightful- informs me, almost breathlessly, that I have an appointment with Jackie this morning. "Jackie will be happy to take care of the waxing during this appointment."

Sad, that Valley Girl called the wrong number and now both she and Jackie will get an earful from the client, whose body must be covered in a thick, clumpy overgrowth of hair by now.


Ph said...

Do NOT kid about such things. I suggest you hunt this person down and inform her that Jackie is available. Yup. That would be the RIGHT thing to do.

km said...

@PH: And deprive some Jersey guy of his hairy-woman fetish fix?! Never!

Tabula Rasa said...

too late. by now jackie's taking care of the waning.