Thursday, May 24, 2007

"____________ ____________ ever"

Spiderman 3 must be the worst movie ever. It has the "changing-clothes-to-peppy music" montage. What more do I have to say?

Alphonso is the greatest fruit ever. But I also miss the Langda. I wonder, if they marketed the "Langda" here, and that name being politically incorrect and all, will they sell those puppies as "mango with minor physical disability"?

"Puppies" is the worst American slang ever. I recently ordered a panini at a Whole Foods store and the guy fixing my sandwich says "let me grill this puppy up". Images of a sweet, sad-eyed puppy being shoved into a hot grill flashed in my mind. "Fixing a sandwich" is also a strange phrase. Try translating it into Hindi. "Tumhara sandwich theek kar doon?"? (Or, "tumhare sandwich ki marammat kar doon?")

Rockabilly is the best music ever.


Brown Magic said...

mm langda aam - those puppies are delicious.

Tabula Rasa said...

"made in america" is the best book to read when unwell ever. it's also the worst book to read when sitting next to laptop-busy spouse ever. that's because it's the best stimulator of wow did you know this and hah guess where that came from and hee hee you just have to read this sentence ever.

Tabula Rasa said...

ps. forgot to mention it's by bill bryson. ever and eut.

km said...

TR: Hola! I've spent many a delightful hour on the ceramic throne reading that book.

BM: Puppies are hairy and lick your face. I don't like my mangoes to be hairy (or to be licking my face.) But yeah, langda aam ("common gimp"?) is yummy.

scout said...

i hate mangoes. they make my nose bleed.


if we go by that argument, then i should hate blow too.


which i do.

nasty drug.

gg said...

Have you ever talked to Texan natives?

The use the word fixing in every third sentence. I'm fixing to meet you. :-)


km said...

Scout: you *hate* mangoes? Didn't know that was possible. And no comment on the blow remark. Ahem.

GG: oh yeah! Remember "Fixin-to-die" from Woodstock? Had me confused for years.

Rahul said...

I always thought alphonsos were overrated. But I've been told by Maharashtra natives that true alphonsos are only found in certain villages near Pune.

I agree on langras.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

KM-rade, I have to disagree.
Alphonsos are all hype.
Langdas are Very Good.

But the King, nay, the Emperor of Mangoes is the Himsagar.

And anything by Bill Bryson (except 'Walk in the Woods') is great.