Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Look Ma, There's A Rock Quiz Up In The Sky!

Here's a one-question rock quiz. If you fail the quiz, seppuku for you!

All you have to do is name this British guitarist:

1. Though a child of the Sixties, he found fame much, much later.
2. Were it not for his willingness to sell his '59 Les Paul to Eric Clapton, "Fresh Cream" would have sounded very different. (And consequently, guitar-collectors today wouldn't be paying thousands of dollars for these babies.)
3. He once jammed with Hendrix in a studio in California (with Hendrix on bass!) He was so in awe of Jimi that he described himself as almost being reduced to a "sobbing heap".
4. He briefly played with one of the key British Invasion bands. In fact, at one point in the mid '70s, he was slated to join another key Brit Invasion band - the Rolling Stones.
5. His guitar chops are legendary, but NOT ONE of his hit songs features a guitar solo.
6. Wrigley chewing gum, anyone?

(Just so we are clear - I am NOT talking about Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page or Peter Green.)


wildflower seed said...

Spill it (Greetings from Kolkata by the way!). I am very curious.

km said...

WFS: think "spiky-haired, bleached-blonde guitarist" who played with an eco-conscious bassist with a supposed penchant for tantric sex :))

Kolkata - Long way from home! When are you back in the States?

MockTurtle said...

Hmm... some combination of John Mayall, David Bowie and Paul Kossoff? Are you sure this is a real person?
Spill. Ve haff vays of making you talk!

Tabula Rasa said...

andy summers....?

great question. :-D

please expand on points #4 and 6....

wildflower seed said...

Back on the 19th.

km said...

MT: Stop, stop, you are hurting me. Dear sir, Mayall hit his peak in '65-67, not "much, much later".

TR: you only get five points, not ten as you ended your (correct) answer with a question mark. The Police accidentally acquired their spiky, bleached-blonde look when they were offered to do a commercial for Wrigley's. Summers played with the Animals in late 60s.

Oh, and btw, Bengali men will *love* what Andy Summers has to say about "young Bengali men" in his memoir. (Reading that memoir is what led me to this post, btw.)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

So what DID he say about yBm?


Elspeth said...

Thanks for writing this.