Sunday, December 31, 2006

LPOY '06

A happy New Year, everyone.

(Hmm. It looks like most bloggers are not too crazy about observing this ritual.)

The First Hangover of '07 shall be soothed by viewings of Kieslowski's "Red" and "Blue" at home. Nothing boring about that, I tell you.

"Party on, Wayne"

"Party on, Garth"


scout said...

right tthen, same to you and all. what do ya want? paulo coelho or ayn rand?

or amybe a rush cd?

or bettter still, a mcgraww-hill country compilation :P

km said...

Right now, I want alka-seltzer. And a good night's rest.

And to what heights - or depths - did your New year's Eve reach?

Ph said...

Happy New Year.