Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Textbook Marriage struck me - ok, gently patted me - while reading a news item about country singer Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill that the duo could be referred to as "McGraw-Hill".

That triggered an association: buying my first copy of "Resnick and Halliday", which I though was published by McGraw-Hill. (But a Google search shows otherwise. Was only the Indian edition published by them?)

I tried to get other celebrities "married" to arrive at more book publishing firms' names, but in vain. (Oh yeah, if Sean Penn married Ursula K. Le Guin, it would give us...Penn-Guin?)

Bored with the word game, I said "Tata, McGraw-Hill" and went back to watching the execution on television.

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Joy Forever said...

As far as I remember Resnick Halliday was published by Wiley Eastern...
This reminds me, when T N Seshan was the Chief Election Commissioner, Sushmita Sen became Miss Universe. So Seshan was asked in a talk show, "Both you and Ms. Sen are in the news, what will happen if you marry each other?" Without batting an eyelid Seshan said, "It will make a sensation (Sen-Seshan)."