Saturday, January 27, 2007

Because Spouses Don't Have FireWire Ports, That's Why

This research was definitely inspired by that super-lame Wife 2.0 joke. But look at what they found:
...the average American spends 12 hours each month addressing home computer problems
(I wonder how many of those problems were caused by browsing pr0n with bad browsers? Gentlemen, Firefox is good for browsing and your married life.)

The study does not apply to me, obviously. January has not even ended and I am already thinking about gift ideas for Valentine's Day. I want my Computer to know she will *always* be the one.


MockTurtle said...

Did you mean browsing pron with bad spell checkers?

km said...

Browsing pr0n with bad spellcheckers? A cunning linguist, eh, MT? ;)