Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So It's Not Just Show Tunes?

Is your favorite band on this list? If it is, proceed immediately to the Degayification Station. (They even have the good Pandit on the list!)

Yes, I am aware that the astute among you will notice the inclusion of Nickelback (speaking of whom - have you seen this?) and will probably make snide remarks about how the list suddenly seems to....make sense?

Shame on you :)

(link via I'mjustsayin')


Brown Magic said...

I was gonna say something snide about Clay Aiken being on that list, but then the list won my heart with "Elton John (really gay)." Yes, list. yes he is.

MockTurtle said...

I can see why they included Judas Priest, but Motorhead!!?

km said...

MT: "Ace of Spades" is such a flamboyant number, isn't it?

BM: "Marilyn Manson (dark gay)". What do you say to that? :)