Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To Know Him Is To Love Him

Children! See if you can you connect the following six scrambled keywords and phrases to come up with the correct news item!

1. Axl Rose
2. Stockholm jail cell
3. Concert in Stockholm
4. Security Guard
5. Intoxicated
6. Leg

Give yourself 3 points if you got the story right. If you don't know who Axl Rose is, give yourself 6 points. (link to Breitbart.com, via Drudge)


kundalini said...

you left out a very imp word in the scramble. BITE. :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

I'm just wondering how the man happened to bite this guy on the leg...how?

J said...

i know a couple of freaks who would die to get bitten by rose.

km said...

K: I believe in the power of association :)

Ghost: I've pondered over that question too. I mean, was the guard standing up and Axl on the ground? Or did Axl drop to his knees and bite the guard? Or was the guard supine? This analysis is wrong at so many levels.

J: sure, they would die to get bitten by Rose - only to die after being bitten by that rabid bandana-wearing maniac.

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