Monday, June 05, 2006

Six Six Six

I am a compulsive air guitarist. I even have different finger/wrist positions depending on the "guitar" I am playing.

I am an obsessive "spoonerist". I will spooner every sentence, every song lyric and every slogan. It has led to some unfortunate situations. Like when I once spoonered the word "popcorn" at the dinner table....

At one point in my life, I would "resolve" *every* sound - a doorbell, the drone of a car engine, a birdcall - into a chord. I thought this was weird but then I met a person who said he often sang harmony to *every* sound he heard. Needless to say, we became the best of friends and band-mates.

Second year at college, I spent an entire semester in one pair of jeans. I mean the ENTIRE semester. Day and night. Parties, concerts, festivals, trips and classes. Did I mention that this was also the semester when bathing was largely out of fashion?

I cried like a baby the day George Harrison died.

I have a mortal fear of lizards. I can fling myself into a pit full of roaches, furry rats AND fuzzy spiders, but I cannot *stand* even a picture of a lizard.

Scout, happy?


neha vish said...

Oh! km - we know you are hiding the truly weird things about you somewhere. :)

Much enjoyed km. Nice window to your living room, this. However, I am also very glad about not having met you when you wore those jeans. Even if I must have been a crawling lilvun then.

kundalini said...


GhostOfTomJoad said...

Mr Air Guitarist Sir, can we please have the rest of the "popcorn" story? Something tells me that we have some good laughs lurking in there :-)

Ph said...

What an endearing picture you draw for us. KM, unbathed and in a pit of creepy crawlies. :P

Tabula Rasa said...

so cow hum you don't do it on flotmas?

scout said...

oooh... happy!
and especially so about the spoonerist bit. we're big on spoonerisms here in my 'hood. mostly cuz we're so bored. but whaddahell, here's to cop-porn! :D


Lol, lets have a whole post on unfortunate spoonerisms... whaddyasya Mister Popcornist

km said...

Neha, WYSIWYG :)

Tom Joad: the story ends with suppressed giggles, angry stares, choked windpipes and red faces.

Dhiraj: Excellent idea. I think there's no such thing as an Unfortunate Spoonerism, only an Ill-timed One. But yeah, would love to do a post on spoonerisms.

Scout: You are close, but that's not the spoonerism I came up with. Take it one step beyond. It was *that* bad.

PH, TR, K: always glad to see the Smilyes!

wildflower seed said...

Yes, Scout's try had me thinking again.

Now seeing your reply, glad we are on the same wavelength. :)

Anonymous said...

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