Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nobody's Perfect, But Billy Wilder Comes Close

Starting June 30, Film Forum in New York has a 3-week retrospective of Billy Wilder films.

The schedule is here.


Falstaff said...

oooh! It's stunning how many brilliant movies the man managed to churn out, isn't it?

km said...

Stunning is the word. From farce to noir to one did it better. Maybe Kurosawa.

wildflower seed said...

Er, just for argument's sake, Kubrick? Almost every film (agreed, he didnt make that many) was a different genre altogether.

km said...

No argument there, VB! (picked up a shiny new copy of "Paths of Glory" for a measly 4 bucks a few weeks ago!)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Time to go on a DVD hunt. The J'wock has a recent post that intersects on at least one movie.

About two previous posts ... would you rather your yoghurt culture originally had an urine sample?
And re: greatest adventure story, I tend to agree with you, but "Kidnapped" is great too. Remember the song of Alun's blade?


Anonymous said...

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