Saturday, June 24, 2006

Melange A Trois

Always the freaky shit first.

I am at the gym, the 'Pod's hooked up to my ears, I scroll down to the folder titled "AC/DC". I detest the mid-'90s pop they play in the mornings at the gym and I need some real music for those 45 minutes. So AC/DC it is. There's no situation in life that cannot be improved in some way by blasting AC/DC.

The first song on the playlist is "Givin' the dog a bone". Almost on cue, one of the TVs on the wall shows a news segment and the first visual? A man feeding a bone-shaped cookie to a little dog.

The next song is "Rock and roll ain't noise pollution". The TV now runs a news story about pollution. OK, so it wasn't about noise pollution, but it was uncomfortably close. Had the networks somehow hacked my iPod? I had to confirm.

The third song was from the classic "Back in Black" album, titled "Let Me Put My Love Into You". As you can imagine, I was all excited.

Sadly, they don't run those kind of stories on the news. Not yet.


Quotable quote from Amit Varma: "I want to be a lean, mean sex machine". In his post about age, he says, with alarming maturity for a man of his age, "The closer I get to being totally comfortable in my own skin, the more the damn skin has to expand".

I am at a point where age does not bother me. It troubled me a few years ago when I realized I could no longer compete with 18 year-olds in Idli-eating contests. Then I remembered I had never competed in Idli-eating contests when I was 18.

This is as good a time as any. Skin expansion or not.


And talking of sex machines, Our Man With The Infinite Collection of Bootlegs, Cosmic Elevator links to an excellent feature in Rolling Stone on the original Sex Machine, the Godfather of Soul, the one and only, James Brown.


Ph said...

"And talking of sex machines..." you got me all curious. Sadly, your blog doesn't run THOSE kind of stories. Just something about yogurt and uncles. :)

km said...

ph: yeah, I know, that sentence was sending off all the wrong vibrations.

*ducks and runs*

Anonymous said...


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