Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Serendipitous Find

Let me get this out the way: America RRRRAAAAWWWWKKKS. One of the (often overlooked) reasons is C-SPAN. As far as I know, there is no equivalent of C-SPAN in any democracy anywhere in the Universe. But let me not get pretentious here. It's not like I watch C-SPAN every night. I don't even watch it every week or even every four score and seven years. So God knows why I channel-surfed on to C-SPAN last night.

OMFG. The White House Press Corps dinner was on and they had Stephen Colbert as one of the speakers. Stephen freakin' Colbert, talking to journalists, writers, TV newsmen and of course, to the POTUS himself.

Ever experienced a supremely scary-entertaining moment when a brave classmate in high school pulled off an insanely dangerous but funny prank in the class, right under the teacher's nose? The prank was funny precisely because the potential for cruel punishment was high, very, very high. Stephen Colbert gave us one such delightful moment on C-SPAN last night.

BoingBoing has links to the transcript and the torrent. Read it and watch it if you are a fan of the Daily Show. Read it and watch it if you just enjoy comedy. But if you want to see why comedy is the new rock and roll, read it and watch it now.

YouTube has the videos in one two and three parts.