Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Places To Go, People To Meet

"You should see it. It has a very POWERFUL message" - someone I met at a party, telling me about "Rang De, Basanti"

"Yeah, the traffic has grown really bad". "But the pollution's worse." "And there's no electricity for several hours!" "Don't they have mosquitoes there?" - conversation between 3 Indians passionately discussing the advantages of working in Bangalore in front of a puzzled European engineer who wisely remained mum throughout the conversation, at the same party as above

God, Details:

Cue up Cream's "White Room" on your CD player or the iPod (or the turntable or the Victrola.) Just before Clapton begins that guitar solo sodden with a triple coating of wah, there's a short feedback note. The feedback note fades out and the solo kicks in. But before he lets that happen, Clapton plays another feedback note, like a little counterpoint to the first feedback note, totally changing the "color" of the solo.

Two short, insignificant notes that don't mean much at all, but consider their contribution to the atmosphere and the meaning of the song!


J said...

Bad traffic, yes. But do we have others here, in Bangalore?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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