Friday, April 14, 2006

Basinstoke in Westphalia

In spite of the DVDs and obligatory semi-annual viewing of Holy Grail, I've been soaking up the Monty Python re-runs on PBS. Somehow it feels more real.

They had some gems on last night, one of them being the Courtmartial sketch. I remembered it mostly for the absolutely lunatic turn of events that occur towards the end of the sketch. How could I have forgotten the cheeky and inspired anti-war dialog that the Python boys managed to sneak in?

What can I say? I mean, how can I encapsulate in mere words my scorn for any military solution? The fultility of modern warfare? And the hypocrisy by which contemporary government applies one standard to violence within the community and another to violence perpetrated by one community upon another?

Then, just to prove that they are not taking themselves too seriously, they throw in a "I'm sorry, but my client has become pretentious."

Comedy can say so much more than drama. That must be why writers say life is hard, comedy harder.


scout said...

So I finally got around to watching it, after you and some few million people rec'd it. So Freakin' Funny!

km said...

So now you're bitten too! Cool.

Raghav said...

reminds me of waiting for godot, how almost each serious discussion is followed by an absurd comment.
thats modernist drama for u

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Clapton, Kipling and now Monty Python. What the hell are you doing in New Jersey?!?!


km said...

Raghav: Many of their sketches read like they could be written by Ionesco or Genet.

JAP, I've often asked myself that very question. Must be my love of interstate highways.