Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fathers Of The Disappeared

How unbelievable is it that the one of ugliest chapters in modern Indian history played out only 30 years ago and it has almost slipped out of the nation's consciousness? Or maybe it will not, not as long as bloggers are writing about it and generations of Indians that were born in the years following the Emergency can still read about it somewhere.

Uma has a post on the death of Rajan Warrier's father. In that post is a link to Mr. Warrier's book about his son's disappearance that night in 1976. It is a chilling but important documentation of India's past (esp. read the chapters titled "An Inhuman Police Officer" and "With Malice Towards None".)

(U2 sang about the "Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo" when thousands were kidnapped in Argentina, coincidentally, also in 1976.)


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