Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ye Olde India

The Beeb has a cool little collection of pictures of the India that was. Go to the right-most column and click on the little box titled "Capturing History". (The site won't let me do a direct link to the slideshow.)

My favorites: Brown Girl on the dead leopard, White Boy getting a pedicure (and Brits wonder why people find them, er, effete?), India's answer to the Rolling Stones (that's Brian Jones with a sitar) and a grand shot of Grand Trunk Road. (Wow, just look at that picture. I thought you could see so many horses only in a Cecil B. DeMille movie!)

These pics are taken from a forthcoming book titled "India Then and Now". Anyone seen it yet? Some reviews.


Pareshaan said...

Wow, very interesting, great link, thank you.

km said...

pareshaan, you're welcome. Those are some really cool pictures.

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