Monday, February 20, 2006

A Tail of Kafkaesque Proportions

So this alleged Bollywood actress allegedly had a dog NOT named Tommy and this reporter wrote about it and someone allegedly got offended and complained to the police and the newspaper and the reporter apologized for reporting the alleged name incorrectly and the reporter got arrested.


Remember when "Tommy" was the only name possible for a dog in India? (Imagine my disappointment upon first hearing The Who's "Tommy". It's about a deaf, dumb and blind kid who plays pinball?)

Tommy is simple, doglike and more importantly, un-Indian. Sure, "Tommy" may offend the Thomases of this world, but we don't care for them Christian saints.


Alok said...

Man, where do you get those titles of post from? They are damn funny :)

And btw, do you know the name of the dog (correct and incorrect) and who the actress was? I have been asking all around, to no avail !

km said...

Alok, the actress in question is Manisha Koirala. The non-existent dog's (incorrect) name was "Mustafa".

Glad you like the titles :)

Anonymous said...

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