Sunday, April 25, 2010

Go Stream 'Em

Hush-hush. An online radio station streams 1001 - that's right, 1001 - classic rock, metal, jazz, soul,rap, New Wave, blues, pop, '90s alt-rock and folk albums.

I know the "snoboscenti" might scoff at seeing (some) familiar fare, but being able to stream Jacques Brel, Metallica, Dylan, Muddy Waters, Bad Brains, Leonard Cohen, N.W.A. and Miles Davis from one radio station is not just cool but actually vital to the well-being of the universe. OK, that is hyperbole.

But let me tell you just how special this stream is - it has a John Prine album. And an album by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with "Allah Hoo" in it. And there's Kinks' Arthur. And there is....sorry, but my musical-ADD just flared up. I went from playing "Speed King" to "Yaad-e-nabi gulshan mehka".

BTW, if you are playing an album and wish to browse other album-pages, the stream stops. But you can resume the song by simply clicking on the gray "volume-level strip" next to the progress bar in the site's media player.)

Radio Romania rocks very very hard.

(Learned about this radio station from a TIL on Reddit. Those guys are something else.)

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