Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Am Thoroughly Irresponsible And Emotionally Unstable

And one day, you become the music you love.
"Jazz fans...were considered to be imaginative, peace-loving liberals with friendly and outgoing natures. Classical buffs are perceived as quiet, friendly, responsible and intelligent but also unathletic, physically unattractive and dull."
And pop fans?
"...conventional and calm but lacking in intelligence and wisdom."
You suck because your favorite music sucks.

(I bet that woman with the headphones - from the stock image used in the story - is a pop fan. She has a calm but idiotic look on her face. Or maybe she's listening to something called "Nature Sounds". Which would make her idiotic and annoying.)


??! said...

What a daft piece. So what about those who're fans of pop, rock, jazz, and classical? Oh no wait, we're probably just "confused and dithering".

km said...

??!: Confused, dithering, unattractive, "unathletic", lazy, calm, lacking intelligence....basically, the best of all worlds.

(Actually, the research is about how OTHERS perceive your playlist. So it's only a judgment by other people, not the scientists themselves.)