Friday, August 07, 2009

Geometry of Kangra Art

If geometry can be applied to study Islamic Art, why not to Hindu Art?

Courtesy a link posted by an anonymous commenter in my previous post on Islamic Art, a geometric analysis of Kangra paintings.

From the linked page:
"Observers of these paintings often comment that their lines, forms and colors combine to produce a rhythmical and harmonious musical effect. This is no accident. These paintings are composed by a combination of science, art and religion. At their heart is a knowledge of aesthetic geometry deriving from the ancient world."
I must confess- I've always taken Kangra Art at its face value. The paintings are undoubtedly beautiful but I've never really discerned pattern in them. But now I see there is much more lurking under the surface than just pretty pictures of Krishna, Radha and randomly placed deer.

Thanks for the link, Anonymous. The Internet indeed is a wonderful school.

I should apply pattern analysis on my third-grade "drawing" class homework. Who knows what that might throw up! The operative words being "throw up".

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're welcome. Been enjoying your recent posts very much - art, music...... stuff that makes me want to comment! :)