Monday, July 20, 2009

The Moonhead Jam

How cool was this planet in 1969?

It was so cool that during BBC's coverage of the moon landing on this day in 1969, they had Pink Floyd, a band later celebrated for its tight connection to our beloved satellite, provide live music to the landing. (I hope someone from ISRO is reading this. Guys, if you need some mixtapes when your 'nauts bounce around that rocky, dusty surface, call me. I will gladly do that job for free. Keeping fingers crossed.)

David Gilmour's blog, which is NOT written by him so don't go all fanboy there, has a video of the so-called "Moonhead" jam. (Via The Lede)

Isn't it just brilliant that something as new as space travel and something as old as blues music can belong together?


??! said...

Have I told you before that you'd be my first pick for any scavenging/treasure hunt? Seriously, you find the most amazing stuff.

km said...

??!: Treasure hunt? I'm on. But I don't fold maps very well, that's all.

blackmamba said...

KM: never in a million years did I imagine knowing Indian space scientists would mean I had the connections... :) but now I know.

Mail the mixtapes my way already..

km said...

BM: Are you SERIOUS?

blackmamba said...

do I sense sarcasm :)

but if I am wrong about that, does this mean, I will get those mixtapes...preferrably uploaded somewhere on the interwebz...I could really use some music, I am bored out of my brain at work right now..