Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Contrarian View On Asia's Future

On the Foreign Policy magazine website, a provocative piece on Asia:
"...it's a gross exaggeration to say that Asia will emerge as the world's predominant power player. At most, Asia's rise will lead to the arrival of a multi-polar world, not another unipolar one."
"...in thinking about Asia's future, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Its economic ascent is not written in the stars."
If you work in the technology sector, please go start a flame war on FP's site over the author's take on the lack of innovation in Asia and the quality of engineers in India and China ;)


Azous D'Pilid said...

One only needs to note the fact that the author refers to Asia as though it is one solid block. Dumbass.

km said...

Azous: Much as I detest the connotations behind the terms "Asian powers" and "South Asia", the author actually argues that Asia is NOT "one solid block" :)